Immersive Learning using 360-Media: a new frontier for education

Immersive Learning: a new frontier is near millions of virtual reality headsets have entered students’ and teachers' homes. Teaching and learning is now possible using 360 pictures / videos or 3D models. This presentation will show how Immersive Learning will modify the way student memorize being engaged through immersed vision / audition and also haptic devices.  Students will use inexpensive devices to produce pedagogical contents under teacher’s supervision in a design thinking process. During the interactive presentation, quick surveys will be performed using smartphones or computers of the audience in BYOD mode.

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Fung Fun Man
Assistant Director (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Sciences and Education Technology (ALSET) and IT for Teaching, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore
13h, grande salle de visioconférence - rdc bâtiment Atrium
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